jamie’s italian- the sequel…

There are some tastes that you simply can’t describe- they have to be, well, tasted. Truffle is one of those.

It shouldn’t taste good- it certainly doesn’t look good…and who would put money on the amount of flavor that comes from one single super-fine shave of the stuff.

I had it today in one of the simplest, yet most amazingly awesome plate of pasta I have ever had- just tagliatelle, with butter, parmesan, nutmeg and finely shaved black truffles. Decadence on a plate.

I’ve blogged Jamie’s Italian before- check the post out here.

My return visit didn’t disappoint.

My friend also remarked just how Melbourne the place feels- Sydney is usually so blue and sparkly and glitzy. This is raw, unpretentious and anytime all day food- with a glass of red. Very Melbourne.

What we ate:

The antipasta plank ($13.50 per head). You simply have to.

the antipasto plank

The side of rocket, gorgonzola and walnut worked perfectly with that, providing good nibble material as we solved the problems of the world.

I had the afore-mentioned tagliatelle ($24) and my friend had the ligurian fish stew ($27)- that was bread dunkingly good…

ligurian fish stew
didn’t like that bit…

We shared a dessert special- todays was a semi freddo served with red wine poached pears and a spiced red wine reduction ($9.00).

This time I even remember to take my phone into the bathrooms to get a photo of the graffiti art on the walls. And no, that wasn’t how it ended up in the toilet last time!

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  1. Am really loving the art Jo! (And the pics of the food – though as a coeliac and CURRENTLY doing the no-carbs thing I’m trying not to look!).

    Hope you had a great time!


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