the friday five

Astrologically, Friday is associated with the planet Venus.

Venus is associated with the things that make us feel good.

In honour of that, I declare Fridays on and anyways to be about those things that are feeling good to me. Right now.

To take it one more step, five things that are fabulous right now. Perhaps five things that I’m listening to now, reading now, or looking forward to now. The Friday Five.

What I’m looking forward to

A girls trip to Melbourne with Miss 14.

We’re going to be re-tracing some of my favourite places, some of her favourite places and hopefully exploring a few more.

We’re also planning a day trip across to Ballarat and Sovereign Hill. We were last there oh, it could be 5 or 6 years ago…I found this photo of Sarah from that trip.

Anyways, here are links to previous Melbourne posts, and keep your eyes out next week for more.

Under the Clocks- A Walking Tour of Melbourne

What I did on the weekend…

20 things I love about Melbourne

What I’m loving

I’ve fallen back in love with swimming. Why did I ever stop? Oh that’s right- an injury to an unpronounceable shoulder muscle.

What I’m listening to

My writing soundtrack this afternoon is an older CD from the Audreys, Between Last Night and Us.

What I’m reading

The Truth, by Michael Palin. I’ve only just started it, but so far I’m loving it.

What I’m inspired by

No question about it- the performance of my BMF at the marathon last Sunday. He beat his previous best time by over 40 minutes, and his smile as he came over the finish line said it all.

So, come on, what are 5 things that are exciting you right now?

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6 thoughts

  1. Ha! Not working! Of course.

    Also, just having some headspace. I feel like I’m behind with EVERYTHING and just need some time to focus!

    Enjoy Melbourne!

  2. 1. My eldest having a license
    2. School holidays-yay!
    3. seeing my name in the byline!
    4. having another article accepted this week
    5. getting back on track with my gym routine
    Enjoy Melbourne Jo!

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