Editing is marvellous. It allows you to turn hindsight into present time success.

Like on those cooking shows. Every so often the lovingly photographed finished dish looks just a tad different to how it looked before the close-up. Editing.

I often wonder whether everything works as well as it appears to work on the telly. Do celebrity chefs ever have a bad day in the kitchen?

Over the years I’ve become pretty adept at reviewing a recipe and deciding whether it reads well enough to eat. I don’t really need the photos, but I’m a visual person and I like them. I also like the little blurbs before the main event. You know the ones- where the chef talks about how this reminds him of summer or his mother or holidays in Tuscany or olive groves in Provence. It probably doesn’t, but I want to believe…so I do.

But failures…

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