bridge “running”…

last years Bridge “run”

Anyways yesterday I had to go in and pick up my “race” kit for Sundays Bridge “run”.

I was also picking up marathon kit for some mates in KL, so took a selfie with a marathon bib- I reckon that’s about as close to a marathon bib I will ever get! You could tell the serious runners- the girls all long and lean, so lean. Lots of them turned up in running kit, maybe they live in it? I felt a bit weird standing there collecting my marathon bags, but hey…

My hubby thinks it’s funny how I’m referring to it as the “race”- hence the inverted commas- when I intend walking at least half of the 9kms…and that’s if this manky left ankle holds out that long!

In a strange way I’m looking forward to it- on a good day the atmosphere is great, and how often do you get to run across the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Last year I took some good shots from the middle, this year, thanks to my phone ending up in the toilet, the battery doesn’t last long enough for me to waste the time. It’s rapidly becoming brick like- that’s the official technical diagnosis from the man at the Apple Emergency Ward.

last years Bridge run

In any case I walked most of the course last weekend- well except for the Bridge bit. So, here are some shots of what I will be “running” past on Sunday.

St Marys Cathedral
art gallery
wooloomooloo finger wharves from Boy Charlton pool
city from Lady Macquaries chair
the quintessential Sydney shot from the Botanical Gardens

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  1. I think it’s hugely exciting and the fact that you’re going to walk half of it is neither here nor there. I did our local Bridge to Brisbane a few years ago and walked the entire 10km. I didn’t mind – I burned the same number of calories either way – whether I ran it in an hour or walked it in two!

    Have a great time!

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