why I’ll never buy ricotta again…pt 2

So last night we unveiled the feta that we made at the cheese workshop.

It went into a greek salad that according to Masterchef rules isn’t really a greek salad, but I call it a greek salad. Apparently it’s the lettuce that makes it a fake. Whatever, I like lettuce. That doesn’t mean that I can’t see George and Matt glaring at me though.

I took the photo above before I remembered that I had some black olives in the fridge, so in the photo it’s even less of a real greek salad.

Anyways, it was lovely. Just the right amount of saltiness and a creamy together texture. Miss 14 says she would prefer it to be more crumbly. Since when does she get to say how it should be made?

Still another couple of weeks before we can try the camembert, although that is now all white and furry and tucked away in the fridge doing the things it needs to do.

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