This week I road-test Anzac Biscuits.
ANZAC Biscuits have been around for decades and were originally baked by wives and girlfriends and were designed to last weeks or months until they could reach their recipient on a battlefield somewhere.
Todays are lucky to last past morning tea.
First up was a recipe in this months Masterchef magazine. This one was different to what I had usually made, using honey instead of golden syrup, more butter than I was used to and some macadamia chips and orange zest for punch. I won’t re-publish it here- there are heaps of great things to try in this months mag, so go out & buy a copy.
The result was a chewy biscuit that spread a lot more than it looked to do in the photo. My taste test team (hubby and daughter) pronounced it a little too like honeycomb and a little too…

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