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One of the reasons we travel is to taste the culture. Well, that’s why I travel.

Lonely Planet published an article the other day on 7 Iconic Dishes Around the World.

On the list were things like:

  • Buffalo Wings from Buffalo, NY
  • Peking Duck from Beijing, China
  • Yorkshire Puddings from, well, Yorkshire, England
  • Salad Nicoise from Nice, France
  • Nanaimo Bars from Vancouver, Canada
  • Mole Poblano from Mexico
  • Singapore Chilli Crab from, well, Singapore

From the list I’ve sort of had a few of these.

  • Buffalo wings in New York, NY- does that count? Except they were served with sticky super sweet barbecue style sauce and were, to be honest, not at all memorable. Maybe if I knew they were iconic I would have enjoyed them more.
  • Peking Duck, real Beijing Peking Duck? Nope, but it’s on my bucket list…
  • Yep, done the Yorkshire thing- in a pub. With…

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