what pi$$e$ me off…

don’t let the pic fool you. This was taken at lunchtime today when there were 5 (yep, you heard right) classes of kids at the other end. That pissed me off too.

Usually this blog is devoted to nice-ness. A little travel, a little tummy, a little training.

Today, however, I’m in a bad mood, I’ve been doing numbers, so I’m venting.

Today it seems as everything is pissing me off.

It started yesterday when I went searching for some workout gear.

Why is it that Gymwear designers figure that anyone a size 16 or over obviously doesn’t care how they look, so hey, let’s just not design workout clothes they will look good in? Let’s make them feel bad about themselves while they’re exercising trying to feel better. Lorna Jane- I’m looking at you. At least while we’re feeling bad in clothes that we don’t like, we won’t be making your clothes look bad.

Obviously their mantra applies only to those who can fit in their clothes- and for most styles, that finishes at the equivalent of a size 14. So it appears that healthy living begins at size 14. And don’t get me started on Lululemon (is that how it’s spelt?). Their size 14 is teeny tiny…and yet I love their clothes. In fact I love them so much that when I can fit into them I’ll choose not to- in silent protest.

Anyways, I got a couple of size L tops that should be baggy…on someone they actually fit- they don’t do them in XL.

Someone out there needs to design a range for the in-betweeners- when you’re in between the size that you are and the size you want to be. Clothes that look cool. Surely it can’t be that hard?

I don’t do mantras on workout clothes, but maybe something like “I am holding my tummy in!” I figured the range could be called MOJO, but as I don’t have the time to design it…just don’t use my name. That would piss me off too.

Here’s the other 9:

  1. People who obviously can’t swim properly hogging the fast lane in the pool when the slow lane is semi available.
  2. People who obviously can’t swim properly hogging the fast lane at the pool when the slow land is semi available and who glare at you when you overtake them.
  3. Kids who are hogging every other lane in the pool (except the fast lane that is hogged by the person who can’t swim properly and the slow land being hogged by someone water walking- that’s water walking not walking on water) who sit on the lane ropes.
  4. Having to go next door to the gym to stand dripping in the foyer waiting for my car keys because the pool and the gym that are in the same complex can’t get their acts together and coordinate a check in system. My gym membership includes pool membership, so surely after over 20 years (yes, you heard that right) they should have come up with a better system.
  5. Those people on Facebook who post attention seeking statuses like “OMG Seriously?” or “Finally, I have the answer…” or “how could this happen?” You know the sort- that are supposed to make followers go back and ask more, while the post-er sits in the background and basks in the glory of the attention.
  6. This also applies to check ins without explanation at any place bound to have the same effect eg emergency wards, police stations, local lock ups. And yes, I know my check ins at restaurants, gyms and wherever probably piss you off too. Whatever.
  7. People posting endless selfies of themselves looking super hot. All. The. Time. Yes, I’m jealous. I get it if you’ve just lost a heap of weight, but there is a limit between when I feel proud for you and when it is enough already.
  8. Cyber bullies. Yep, whatever. No excuse. Ever.
  9. The M2. Hurry up and finish already. Why should we have to pay a toll to sit in a car not going anywhere. And for those people who tell us to go around the other way? When you live in the out here, there is no viable other way. And yes, I know it’s my choice to live out here.


7 comments on “what pi$$e$ me off…”
  1. felicitye says:

    Oh, those FB comments annoy me too! I will admit to checking in sometimes but only to odd places which tell a story when i’m not really there – e.g. one night I checked in to a bottle shop, then the police station and finally the jail 🙂 It amused me.

    1. jo says:

      see that, Felicitye, is funny, not annoying 🙂

      1. felicitye says:

        You’ve got to mix it up a bit, FB can be so predictable and boring 🙂

      2. jo says:

        aaah too true…

  2. Debbish says:

    Oh yes, I’m with you on the gym gear. I just wear leggings (from Big W and the like) and huge Nike (3XL) t-shirts. I notice Virtu has released exercise wear though. So maybe some of that looks like the real stuff!

    You know what I hate on FB… those updates that say ‘Click “like” if you: are wearing shoes/ love your mother / breathe – etc. A lot of magazine /business-y blogs do that I notice. FaarcK! Drives me insane!

    1. jo says:

      Oh I forgot about that one- the “liking” one…I hate that too!

  3. sarahtsib says:

    I love you…I have my top 5 piss me off lists most days. I was looking at my reflection in a pump class this morning thinking ‘if they really wanted me to come here more often they should install those trick mirrors that make you look 6ft tall and weight 50 kilo’. My husband is a swimmer and I read your 1 and 2 out to him…basically anyone slow anywhere bugs him. My biggest shit today is medical receptionists that behave as if they are guarding the gates of heaven – with their high and mighty voice suggesting with great surprise that you’d like an appointment today…I want to scream ‘yes I didn’t schedule in my child’s swollen eye 5 days ago!!”. ohhh…feel better now

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