spring springing…and a roast lamb recipe

spring flowers in wellington- taken against a bus

So, what do bathroom scales, twitter followers and early Spring have in common?

Easy, you hit a crucial number, just enough to give you hope (or bring you despair) and then it changes- the numbers, that is.

We’ve all seen it. Check out your twitter account. You reach one of those magic follower number points and then the spammers unfollow, so you go back below. Then it creeps up just above…before going back again. And so on.

And don’t get me started with bathroom scales. Suffice to say the same thing happens- especially if the number is on the way down. You get a tantalising glimpse of a downward spiral before it’s taken away from you. Just like that. Somehow the upward spiral doesn’t have quite as many stutters.

floriade, canberra

Then there’s the trickery that the end of a season brings. All of a sudden, after darkness and cold, the wattle comes out, and then the new pink of the plum blossoms. Next you smell that smell- that beginning of Spring smell. And then all of a sudden someone says it “is it me or is it feeling warmer?” After which one other thing is guaranteed- a mega cold front bringing winds straight off (unseasonably late) snow.

And that’s exactly what we have today. Cold, cold winds. Straight off the snow in the Blue Mountains, or somewhere.

So tonight I’m doing a roast leg of lamb- baked in foil with garlic and rosemary and lashings of red wine. I tested the red wine before I added it- just in case.

This foil acts like a little silvery tent, concentrating the flavours so that when it is pierced open at the end of the 3 hours cooking the smell is quite simply incredible.

This is so easy, I’m not even going to post the recipe. Essentially all you do is throw in a couple of quartered onions, a lot of peeled garlic, a few sprigs of rosemary, a handful of salt and a good glug of red wine.  Then melt (and bring to the boil) about 100g of butter and pour over the top. It sort of seals the lamb.

Anyways, then make a little tent for the pan out of foil and bang the whole thing into a pre-heated oven.

Once it’s done, rest the lamb for 30mins to let the juices do their thing. Serve with the strained juices. Normally I’d serve this with indulgent dauphinoise potatoes, but in view of current circumstances, we’ll do roasted root vegies.

Anyways, by next week, the sun will be back, that smell will be back in the air and the temperature will be back up in the 20s. At least until the next cold snap. That’s the way it goes.

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  1. Debbish says:

    Oh yes, I can so relate to the Twitter followers and bathroom scales numbers…

    And the lamb sounds lovely!

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