terrigal…and a smash cake

Not heard of a smash cake?

Nor had I. My sister in law made one today for my nephews first birthday. It was popped onto the picnic rug, all the kids sat around and sang happy birthday…and they were then invited to “smash” the cake. Just wonderful. Kids, cake and mess. I could giggle because mine is oh so too grown up for that now :).

Anyways, Terrigal, just an hour or so drive north of Sydney (depending on where in Sydney you’re coming from and how bad the F5 traffic is) is normally a wonderful spot for a picnic, lunch or fish and chips on the beach.

Today it was cold and windy, with occasional showers.

We stood huddled under the narrow roof of the covered picnic tables when it rained and the kids ran around on the beach when it didn’t. Just chasing seagulls, and waves- squarking like the gulls as the tide came in and covered their shoes with water and sand…and then trying to explain to their mothers just how it happened when they had been so careful… because it was so cold…

My brother cooked sausages and my sister in law had prepared mountains of chocolate crackles, the smash cake and a real cake…with smarties. Us adults drank wine out of plastic cups, and took it in turns to do coffee runs from the beach takeaway. Miss 14 cackled at the man in his speedos forced into the water to guide his boat back up the ramp. I marvelled at the energy of the blue heeler who would leap into the waves time and time again after a tennis ball, swim back and drop it at his owners feet. Again? Please?

Perfect day.



3 comments on “terrigal…and a smash cake”
  1. Debbish says:

    Sounds gorgeous. I love the beach in winter. Actually, I hate the beach (sand and water) but I love being near the beach in winter!

    1. jo says:

      so do I Deb- it’s got a different mood & intensity…

  2. pixelrites says:

    Sounds smashing! I love the “blues” in your grey days too.

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