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I’m going camping this weekend.

Ok, It’s not strictly camping per se- there are no tents or toilet rolls on a spade. There is, however, outdoor fires, a cabin in the middle of not a lot, wild animals (of the Australian variety i.e. kangaroos and wombats), sleeping bags and an outside toilet involved. As such, it qualifies as camping.

There will be marshmallows at 10 paces and the rule is unless it can be cooked outside on the fire, we won’t be eating it. Should be interesting. Oh, did I mention that all of this is taking place above the snowline in forecast maximum temperatures of minus 2 degrees C?

One thing I am taking is my tropical fruit slice. A little taste of the Pacific Rim for the snow. My niece is allergic to both nuts and eggs and it’s nice for her to have a sweet treat that my sister in law doesn’t need to worry about.

And sweet it is. This is one of those no bake slices made with condensed milk that the Kiwis are so good at. In fact, I’m surprised that no one has published a Kiwi Condensed Milk Cookbook. It could have things in it like lolly slice. Maybe called something like La Cucina Condensa or Condensed Cooking or…..

Anyways, this recipe comes from Savour the Pacific by Kiwi cook Annabel Langbein.

I first found this book on the kitchen counter of a girlfriend in Wellington New Zealand. Her husband had just cooked the Chicken Jungle Curry and I was well impressed. The next day I traipsed all around Lambton Quay in Wellington until I found a bookshop that stocked it.

It was my first trip across to this gorgeous city and this cookbook has always reminded me of that beautiful week in September- and New Zealand itself.

What you need:

100g butter

2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk (this is ½ a 397g can). Put the rest in a container in the fridge immediately- before your 14 year old can find a spoon!

1 x 250g pack of plain sweet biscuits. I use Arnotts Marie biscuits. Crush them in a blender or with a rolling pin- depends on how much pent up frustration you have.

2 cups roughly chopped dried fruits. I use a mix of apricots, pineapple, papaya, mango. Keep at least 50% acidic (like the apricots)- this is already very sweet.

1 cup desiccated coconut

2 tbsp lemon juice.

Lemon icing: mix together 40g melted butter, 3 tbsp boiling water, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 3 ½ cups icing sugar until smooth

What you do:

Melt butter & condensed milk and stir over heat until it boils. Watch it though, it sticks easily.

Stir together the crushed biscuits, dried fruits, coconut and then add the lemon juice and condensed milk mix. Combine it well and press it into a baking tin (30cm x 24cm lined with baking paper). Pop it into the fridge until set.

Pour over the icing, sprinkle with the dried fruits and then pop it back in the fridge for an hour or so before cutting it into little squares.

This keeps well in the fridge, so should be no problems in the snow.

a photo of the photo in the book- what it should look like…

As always, all rights reserved by the original author- in this case Annabel Langbein

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    • the icing sugar makes it quite sweet, so I tend to play it down with more fruit. But quick, easy & always popular!

  1. Argh! I hope the cabin’s heated! Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to some photographs.

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