paris in july: the books

It’s Peter Mayles’ fault.

A Year in Provence was the book that started it all. Then there was the sequel Toujours Provence and the follow up fiction A Good Year. I loved the movie of that last one, starring Russell Crowe.

I wanted that life.

I’m a Pisces, so the idea of escape to something has always been top of my life goal lists. And what could be more of an escape than to a different country. To re-invent yourself as someone completely new- a new life, a new nationality, a new language.

So I kept dreaming.

Sarah Turnbull’s Almost French and Margaret Ambroses’ How to Be French lit my imagination. Just how do these women look so darned elegant? I re-read How to be French and Two Lipsticks and a Lover only last week. I need to do the same with Savour-Faire. Even saying that phrase makes me feel more sophisticated.

Of course I was sipping wine and lounging about in my track pants and ugg boots as I did.

Maybe therein lies the problem. Maybe I need to grow up and start dressing and acting like a lady? After all, I left the house the other day without a scrap of make-up on. In fact, I have got into the habit of leaving the house without a scrap of make-up on.

The other day I remembered the make-up and forgot the mascara. I’m too old for that.

And how is it that these women can remain so effortlessly gorgeous without raising a sweat? Mireille Guiliano has the answers. Perhaps I should take more notice of her message as well.

More recently I’ve picked up Lunch in Paris and Paris in Love– two more escape fantasies. And I’m dreaming again. And trying to remember lipstick.



2 comments on “paris in july: the books”
  1. Debbish says:

    I haven’t read ANY of those books… which is perhaps why I’m not overly passionate about France, but I have long yearned to go to Italy and love movies etc set in Tuscany (a cliche I know!).


  2. jo says:

    Wait till I post on my Italian books too! I’ve always been torn between the 2- for completely different reasons. Hubby & I have always planned a 6 month stay in Tuscany when we retire.

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