fist pump moments and doing things my way

Life is full of little fist pump moments- I’ve written about these before.

Those tiny victories that make you want to pump your fist in the air and play the Karate Kid song: “you’re the best around…”

Things like:

  • Pulling up at a red traffic light just at the moment of the steering wheel drum solo
  • Getting 2 games up in a row against Mr Completely Unbeatable in Words With Friends
  • Getting an effusive apology email that proves you were right all along (as if there was ever any doubt)
  • Knocking 3 minutes off your best time for the Knackery Run*
  • getting a car-park on the first attempt…and it’s a drive-through!

This week hasn’t been a great one from a training viewpoint. Sure I’ve done the sessions, but I’ve felt as though I dragged myself in and out of the gym without any particular enthusiasm or intensity.

I’ve felt low in energy. Maybe because Nan’s time seems to be getting nearer, maybe because I’ve been worried about my parents getting back from Europe in time for Nan’s time. I don’t know. In any case, as ineffective as they have been, this weeks sessions have been a solace of sorts.

This morning though, things seemed to come together.

Friday is my long run* session and, other than walking el poocho during the week, the only outside session I do.

I aim to be out there for 80-90 minutes and start and finish with a mate who is training for a marathon. I do 8kms, he does double that.

We used to run* together (he called it his rest day) but all we did was fight and argue- he pushed, I pushed back. He meant well.

As dearly as I love him, the current arrangement seems to work and I’m pulling up with a lot less pain than what I was having when I ran* with him. I’m not dreading the session, I’m not feeling bad about myself, I’ve got music blaring in my ears and I’m loving it. I never thought I would say that about running*.

Today I did week 4 (again) of the C25k program, plus twice through week 1, with 5mins walking between each 30min program. The interval running kept my heart rate up, but also was in short enough bursts to take keep my interest high and my mind off the pain. As a result I did the back 4kms quicker and knocked a few minutes off my time. And I enjoyed it. Fist pump moment.

There’s a fine line between pushing yourself hard enough and having someone else push you. Last week I talked about this– about how I needed to take responsibility for my own goals. Myself. My way. No excuses.

I proved today that pushing through in my own way will (eventually) get me where I need to be without resentment, guilt, excuses and additional money in the pocket of my chiropractor. As long as I keep going.

I’m moving through to the week 5 program on Monday and I no longer care if I’m on that for a few weeks. As long as I keep going. My way.

*More of a run/walk still, but the intent is there.

2 Comments on “fist pump moments and doing things my way

  1. Jo, I think your insight into whether you like being pushed by others or not is important. Some people rely on being ‘egged’ on while others hate it. I’m somewhere in between I think.
    I think it’s great you’re out there running and envy you your commitment to it. I don’t exercise by myself a lot but did a walk this morning and realised it’d been ages since I exercised and listened to music (which was hugely motivating) – rather than doing a class. It was a nice change and I must remember that.

    • Thanks Deb. I’m a Pisces & we fishies need some escape time. Solo training with music helps to clear the head & is much healthier than escape to the fridge or a bottle of wine…

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