10 foodie must trys, 7 iconic dishes and 6 bucket list yummies


a cosmopolitan at Saks 5th avenue…as you do

One of the reasons we travel is to taste the culture. Well, that’s why I travel.

Lonely Planet published an article the other day on 7 Iconic Dishes Around the World.

On the list were things like:

  • Buffalo Wings from Buffalo, NY
  • Peking Duck from Beijing, China
  • Yorkshire Puddings from, well, Yorkshire, England
  • Salad Nicoise from Nice, France
  • Nanaimo Bars from Vancouver, Canada
  • Mole Poblano from Mexico
  • Singapore Chilli Crab from, well, Singapore

From the list I’ve sort of had a few of these.

  • Buffalo wings in New York, NY- does that count? Except they were served with sticky super sweet barbecue style sauce and were, to be honest, not at all memorable. Maybe if I knew they were iconic I would have enjoyed them more.
  • Peking Duck, real Beijing Peking Duck? Nope, but it’s on my bucket list…
  • Yep, done the Yorkshire thing- in a pub. With a beer. It was good.
  • Nicoise in Nice? Another tick.
  • Never heard of them, never been to Vancouver
  • You mean there’s more to Mexican than tacos, burritos & nachos? Of course there is, but I’m yet to go.
  • Chilli Crab? OMG Yes! Yes! Yes!

I’ve also had:

  • A chilli dog from a stand in Broadway, New York
  • A slice of pizza bigger than my face in New York
  • Sausages, mustard, sourdough bread and a bottle of beer on the steps of the Vienna Opera House
  • Hainanese chicken rice (Malaysia and Singapore)- my absolute favouritest of all favourites…closely followed by Drunken Chicken (China, Hong Kong).
  • Spiced bebek (duck) and nasi campur (Indonesia)
  • Dim Sum (Hong Kong) in general, but close your eyes when you bite into it good Xiao Long Bao (or steamed soupy pork dumplings) in specific
  • Haggis in Scotland (the real reason whisky was invented)
  • gelato in Rome
  • Portuguese Custard Tarts from Macau (yummo)
  • Soupe de poissons from the South of France with fire hot rouille

Then there would be hawker stall specials from Malaysia- Laksa and Assam Laksa, Beef Rendang (or is that Indonesia?) and Char Kway Teow.

So, what’s still on my foodie bucket list? So many things, but here are a few (in no specific order):

  • a real bouillabaisse in Marseilles
  • the afore mentioned peking duck
  • a real paella in Valencia
  • pho in Vietnam
  • pizza in Naples
  • pad thai in Thailand

So, what about you? Do you agree with the Lonely Planet list? How many of these have you tried? What’s on your list? What’s on your foodie bucket list?

strangely not on the list…

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  1. I guess for me it’s pizza or pasta in Italy but now that I’m coeliac that will be somewhat problematic!

    (I haven’t had much on ANY of your lists… Am very non-foodie!)

  2. As a native of Buffalo, NY, I say you definitely need to have the wings here in Buffalo 🙂 I as a rule never get wings in any other city because I’m always really disappointed. If you ever get a chance to come here, I’d try the Barbill in East Aurora (a suburb of Buffalo), Duff’s, or Anchor Bar. Gabriel’s Gate is also a great choice 🙂

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