…now that wasn’t called for!

So there I am running* along Windsor Rd.

The sky is blue- one of those clear, cold Sydney mornings. Crispy and cold.  I’m doing better than I expected I would be.

This was the first outdoor run* since my recent bout with man flu and asthma and I fully expected to suffer.

One kilometre in and my left shin was screaming. That’s good too- a few months ago both shins would have been screaming.

By 6kms I was flagging badly. It was at that point I heard it- a horn blaring and a bogan yelling out of a speeding ute “move that fat arse, Bitch!” Seriously?

Not only was he being unspeakably rude, he was also wrong- my arse was moving.

I’m actually more surprised that I heard it, than I am that he yelled it. Euphoria’s Love You Right had just finished blaring in my ears and Pet Shop Boys Pandemonium/Can You Forgive Her hadn’t quite started.

So I did the only thing I could do- I kept running*…at least until I was out of sight :).

Seriously though, it didn’t worry me- and it very easily could have.  It’s just one of the occupational hazards involved with running* outside- and the benefits generally outweigh the occasional dickless pillock with diminishing brain cells. Did that come out loud?

Anyways, 8kms done and dusted and a good base for next weeks efforts. I assume I’ll be able to feel my legs again by then.

*I use the term loosely and very slowly, although these days I am doing slightly more running than walking in my sessions, so that’s gotta be good…

Author: Jo

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  1. I think it’s great you’re out there running – I just can’t do it (in a gym, let alone outside in public!). As for the c*ckhead – bastard! I let that stuff get to me, but know I shouldn’t….

    Keep Calm and Keep Running (etc)

  2. I don’t enjoy it Deb, and my body really wasn’t made for running, but for some reason when I get in the habit, I love the way it makes me feel- after I’m finished of course! I feel like being able to run is “unfinished business” so I am determined to at least be able to do 5kms without stopping- and will get there- even though I do line the pockets of my chiropractor in the process.

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