breaking up is hard to do…

I broke up with my Personal Trainer today.

No, it’s ok- the separation was amicable and mutually agreed. After two years the relationship has run its course…as has the 6 months of sessions I prepaid before I left work. That’s right, the budget can no longer justify the expense.

We will no doubt continue to see each other (at the gym) and continue to randomly correspond (via his regular newsletter), but the time has come for me to learn to stand on my own two feet.

I know enough to make it on my own, but there tends to be a gap between what I know and what I do. Heavy sighs. So, as is the theme for this year, I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone and into the realms of self-motivation- something that I should have been doing all along.

You see, just paying for training and outsourcing the sessions isn’t getting the job done. I have to do that- and I need to take responsibility for that.

I always kept my training commitments to my PT and never made excuses or blew off appointments we had made, yet I haven’t given the same courtesy to the commitments that I have made myself. I’ll blow off a session using (not even really very creative) excuses that I would never dream of using to him. And, to be frank, I deserve more respect than that. I need to be treating myself better than that.

So here’s the thing. I’m now on this road on my own- and that’s the way that it should be, the way it needs to be. I know that there is assistance available if I choose to ask for it, but I have to demonstrate that I’m capable of putting in the hard yards if I’m to reap the rewards.

It was weird shaking hands and saying goodbye after training today, but naturally I’m sure I’ll get over it soon…break-ups are like that, apparently. Anyway, after todays tabata and kettleball session, I reckon my muscles will feel the pain for some days to come.

Break-ups are like that too.

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  1. I agree with ‘travellingbag’, some of us are happy to scream at you over the interwebz if you slack off!

    I like classes, so find I’m committed to going to those and don’t worry too much finding my own motivation on weekends etc. Sounds like the PT has put you on the right track!

  2. True enough, Jo, breaking up is very hard to do, particularly if it’s your trainer, whom you depended on and who will not be there for you anymore. Just don’t find yourself a rebound trainer, okay 🙂
    Loved your blog very very much, it’s just so varied and full of life! following you now!
    Please do visit my blog, and if you like it, please do follow!

  3. Hi, Jo — thanks so much for your nice comments on The Marmelade Gypsy. It’s nice to “meet” you! (And yes, parks are the best for people watching!) Some tmie back, I, too, had a trainer and partly for financial reasons (and partly because I wasn’t really working on it all that hard) I stopped. I hope you maintain your motivation better than I did. I will say that when I have stopped other things, I’ll often find a bit of motivation — and sometimes I do it by bribery! I figured it worked well enough when I paid someone to help me, so why not pay me — just less! So, I made a little bank and would put a little (less than training in it) and when I achieved a goal or kept “honest” for a bit, would reward myself with that. Generally books or art supplies for me, but whatever! Good luck, no matter what!

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