coogee to bondi coast walk

I’m about to stray into too much information territory- it hurts to sit down…and walk…and move. Stairs- and lots of them- tend to do that to you!

Bondi is quintessentially Sydney- yet I have never been here. I don’t count coming through in the City to Surf- that was a pass through only.

Each year I promise myself to check out Sculptures By the Sea when the path from Tamarama to Bondi is lined with, as the name would indicate, sculptures. You guessed it- I’ve avoided that because of parking issues too…yet it is very accessible using public transport.

If you’re interested, this year it runs from Thursday 10 October, 2012- Sunday 4 November, 2012.

Anyways, we did the coastwalk that runs from Bondi through to Coogee- although we did it the opposite way around ie Coogee to Bondi. (The path from Coogee actually goes as far as Malabar in the other direction, but we did part of that one back in January.) Hence the sore bum.

The walk starts from Coogee with a walk up the hill to Dolphins Point. Check out the memorial to the victims of the Bali bombings- 20 victims of the bombing in Kuta on 20/10/02 lived in the Eastern Suburbs, with 6 of them being from the Coogee Dolphins Rugby League Club.

bali memorial at dolphins point- taken on a much sunnier day in january

Continue the path along to Gordons Bay and through to Clovelly Beach.

from Gordons Bay looking towards Clovelly
rock platforms at South Clovelly

The next climb takes you to Waveley Cemetery- possibly the best view in which to be dead in the world. There are plenty of famous Aussies buried here, so take a wander if you have time. It was at this point that the rain started to come down.

Waverley Cemetery
looking across to Bronte

This part of the walk is all cliffs and panoramas. We stopped and kept an eye out for whales- they migrate up the east coast of Sydney at this time of the year- with no luck. The views are spectacular though…

cliff faces below Waverley Cemetery

A steep descent brings you Bronte rock pool and Bronte beach. There are lots of shops here if you want to stop and grab a cuppa.

Bronte- taken last November
Bronte rock pools- taken on a much sunnier day last November

A short, relatively easy, walk brings you to Tamarama (also known as Glamarama) Beach. In the summertime this is a great spot for surfers and sunbathers. Today there were a few persistent guys with boards, but not a lot of activity.


Next is MacKenzie’s Point. The beach here is only accessible at low tide. The rock formations between here and Bondi are amazing. Apparently there are aboriginal rock carvings here, but we didn’t stop to look. I daresay if you were starting the walk at Bondi and had just scaled the steep stairs that we went down, you would have plenty of incentive to stop, catch your breath, and check out carvings!

Just around the corner the view of Bondi through to North Bondi is spectacular. A steep stair descent brings you down to Bondi Icebergs and the official finish of the walk.

Bondi Icebergs- the club has a winter swimming season traditionally started with an ice swim.

Regardless of the time of year, Bondi is great for people watching, so take a walk along the beachfront. Miss 14 is addicted to Bondi Rescue so had her eye out for lifesavers. During these school holidays a temporary ice rink had been set up.

an ice rink set up for the winter school holidays

Getting There:

Buses from the city run regularly. Check out to plan your trip. You can drive and there is paid parking along the way.

I know, not a patch on Melbourne’s street art, but at least it adds an urban edge.


Lots of options at Coogee, Bronte and Bondi Beaches. There is also a lovely café at Clovelly.

How Long?

The entire leg from Coogee to Bondi is around 6kms- depending on where you start and finish. Whilst there are a lot of hills and some very steep butt clenching stairs, it isn’t a hard walk if you have average fitness levels. For every set of stairs, there is a level off or downhill for recovery. There are also lots of water stations and chairs along the walk. Allow 2 hours and take your time. If you’re walking a dog, they must be on a leash. Oh, and don’t forget your hat, sunscreen and water bottle.

thankfully we went down these ones!

Want to know more?

Check out

look how far we’ve come!

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