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Whilst my passport is firmly (and reluctantly) tucked away for the time being, I am in planning and pricing mode for next years family holiday.

This annual discussion brings out the big questions in life:

  • Domestic or international
  • Resort or city
  • Somewhere new or somewhere familiar
  • Long haul or short haul

Given that I have a bucket list of places I either want to go to or want to go back to, this is not an easy process. Hubby has Taurus rising, so value for money and comfort is important. He is a Scorpio so wants the data- a spread-sheet with the prices before he makes a decision. Miss 14 has Capricorn rising, so likes some structure to the plans. I plan it before we go and then wing it when I get there…much like my writing style, I guess.

shophouses in singapore

This time we’ve got the (initial) short list down to 5 foreign possibilities and 3 domestic, and we’ve set the flight time at no more than 10 hours. Although now I’m dreaming of Rome…thanks Masterchef!

So, while this blog is generally Astro free, here is a link to a piece I published at Jo Tracey Astrology yesterday… there’s heaps more technical stuff behind it, so this is really tongue in cheek 🙂 If you know your Rising or Moon sign, read that too!  Anyways, if you are interested, go over & have a look.

pool-side at bintan island, indonesia

So tell me, what’s your travel style? Are you the holiday planner in your house? What about when you get there- are you a plotter or a pantser?

And I’m cheating, todays #photoaday title is Big…here’s one I prepared earlier:

batu caves, kuala lumpur. yes, i walked all of those steps….

3 Comments on “what’s your travel style?

  1. Hi,I am the travel organizer in my family and have a bucket list of my own,too. I am cancer but the horoscope doesn’t really represent how i would like to travel (I should say how we like to travel since my bf is also a cancer and not into cooking during vacation) 🙂

    my holidays depend on the time i have and the season off course.if i have a long weekend,i usually tend to plan something in europe, in feb usualy i go skiing. If i have more than 10 days, mypreference is somewhere far,like asia or south americ ( part of the bucket list 😉 )

    I REALLY LIKE TO BE PAMPERED ON HOLIDAYS. so no apartments for me. I like tk come to a clean, tidied room at the end of a tiring day. A good meal is always important, so i dont like to eat at street vendors.

    Anyway,lets see what others think 🙂

    • lol, the more technical version of this is really astro-y, if you are a cancer Sun, I would also read the Sag section 🙂

  2. I’m a plotter when it comes to holidays BUT I mostly prefer to just vege at home rather than travel. I did spend a bit of time travelling for work at one stage, so that could be the reason, but I hope to get the travel bug again soon…. though mostly at the moment just not being at work is a holiday enough!

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