This one is about a book. Not a book set in Paris, but a book that ends in Paris. And, given that I have granted myself permission to expand the “Paris” part of the blog title to include anything Francophile, this counts. And, at the moment, little is more Francophile than the Tour de France- which is what this book is about.

Cat is pure, rollicking, chick lit fun- the type of thing you can read and feel all good and bubbly inside about.

What’s it about? According to the back blurb, Cat Mc Cabe is trying to improve her career as a sports journalist and get over a failed relationship. What better way to do it than by following the Tour de France as part of the press corps?

I first read this last year, finishing it coincidentally at the end of last years race (won by Cadel Evans). It got me through a meeting at work- seriously. I was sitting in one of those sessions with one of those people who insists on bringing his laptop into the room and spending the time not looking at anyone or participating, but rather coping with his very large…email list and very large…perceived importance. Yes, that came out loud.

Anyways, I knew he was into cycling and after reading this I had picked up some handy trivial information about each stage, the towns, the landscapes, the different jersey colours, and the killer descents…all without watching a minute on TV. Bluffing brilliant! And it worked a treat- he raised his eyes from behind his laptop and they met mine…in new respect…ok let’s not go that far… forbearance. All because of this book. I can’t believe I just told that story!

So, whether or not you’re into Lycra (and I certainly wasn’t) or cycling (nope), if you like good chick lit you will be into the soap opera that is the Tour de France. And there’s some rather yummy squelchy bits too…

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  1. I’m into the Tour by default — my partner is a distance cyclist and he introduced me to the tour. Now I know more about the individual riders than he does, but don’t ask me to cross a busy street on my bike (which I haven’t ridden in two years, but that’s another story1) So, this sounds like lots of fun in lots of different ways — and congratulations on getting kudos from a bike junkie. Don’t you hate the computer-in-meeting thing? I do!

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