After all the rain Sydney has had, my garden looks like something from The Day of the Triffids. Weeds the size of small children, actually weeds so big that small children could shelter beneath them, seem ready to sprout legs and march across the yard. I’m not venturing out there without a chainsaw and jungle machete.

As such the “garden” photo for today is the garden on my desk- the happy, dancing daisy my hubby bought me today in what has to be the cutest shop ever- Pylones in at the Queen Victoria Building in the city. Pylones is a French shop (so I guess that means that this post does double duty as #photoadayjuly and a Paris in July) specialising in designer giftwear for the friend who has it all (I bought my friend a whisk with a multicoloured one eyed squid handle). The spiel is éditeur d’objets á Paris, the translation of which makes no sense (ummmm objects edited in Paris). I don’t care who chose them or where, I just think they’re super cute.

And, more importantly, the garden now on my desk does not require weeding.

9 Comments on “garden

  1. The perfect garden in a pot – I love it 🙂

  2. Fantastic! And a timely reminder that it rained like this last year – and the sun came out again! Thanks for Rewinding.

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