I went and visited my Nan today.

It was hard.

Nan’s not well, I mean really not well, and it’s hard to see her like that. Today Nan looked every day of her 94 years, and that’s both hard to say and was hard to see. I’m glad we went today.

Nan’s never seemed old to me- not the way that some grandparents seem old. I remember my Dad’s Mum (who lasted until 98) always seemed old. Nan hasn’t been.

Nan is the one who wears strappy stiletto sandals, feather boas, silver lame jackets. Nan is the one who decided to volunteer for the first time at the Sydney Olympics- at the age of 82- and has continued to do so at every major event in Sydney in the years since.

She even did a stint at the Easter Show this year. And that’s no mean feat. To get to the Showground she catches two trains, walks miles and repeats to go home. I get exhausted thinking about it, and I’m not 94.

Despite it being hard, seeing my Nan was the best part of today (notice the neat segue into todays theme?). Given that I don’t post photos of my family on this blog, below is a photo of the 2nd best part of my day- that time after training has finished before sitting down at the PC to try and knock out todays word count.

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