So my passport is currently locked away awaiting a cash injection.

Whilst this means that my wings are clipped (for the time being) it doesn’t mean that I can’t dream. About London, New York, Hong Kong, an island somewhere, Broome, glamping, maybe even a cruise.

Then I saw Travelling Bags’ link to Paris in July. So now I’m dreaming of Paris. In July. I’ve never been…in July. I have been once, for a few days, in September…too many years ago. So many years ago that my photos were taken on either print or slide. And I’ve been dreaming of going back ever since.

Given that Paris for me is, shall we say, in my dreams, this annual blogging challenge will have to do me for now. So, what is it?

Paris in July is the brainchild of Thyme For Tea and BookBath and is a celebration of all that is worth dreaming about when it comes to things Francophile. In my case, that is likely to be a French Tummy themed post once a week- unless I finally get around to reading a couple of books which I have on my to read pile. In fact, as I write this post I’m listening to the delightful Emilie Simon who, incidentally, has a voice that reminds me of Kate Bush.

Check back here once a week for Paris in July postings- I’ll set something dinky up on the side so you can find them easily. If you want to sign up yourself, check out the links at Thyme for Tea and Bookbath for all the fine print.

And todays photos? Photos of photos. The first was taken on a rainy afternoon in Paris in September 1995. The 2nd was on black and white slide film and is not Paris. It is, however, the Paris end of Collins St, Melbourne…so I figure that sort of counts as well.

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  1. Glad you joined up Jo. My first time in Paris was 1979 with 2 very young daughters – must find those slides we took. Look forward to your posts this month 🙂

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