playing catch up…

I haven’t posted my photo a day thingies for the last couple of days. My excuse? A head cold so bad it could be classified as man flu. Seriously.

So, here are the missing pieces.

What else?

Fridays high angle shots were taken from Darling Harbour- firstly outside the Exhibition Centre and then inside at the Good Food Show. I felt like shit, actually shit warmed up, but the day was great. Note to self though- don’t do unlimited wine tastings at 10am under the influence of cold medication…not a good look, but takes the pain away.

Highlight of the day was Chefs Table with Miguel Maestre. Man this guy is good. He works the crowd so naturally and genuinely- without pretension or the cheesiness that a lot of celebrity chefs fall into- and no, I’m not mentioning any names. Oh, and did I mention how hot he is too? And that Spanish accent is very swoonable.

I don’t normally like the whole photo with a celebrity thing (although I did make an exception for Gordon Ramsay at the Good Food Show a few years ago), but broke my own rules on Friday. The photo below is me with the man himself. My hair is flat and my nose is red, but standing next to someone so tall is good- it makes me feel small… and that is always good.

The best thing about the Chefs Table is not only do you see the food being cooked and get the recipes, but you also eat the food- along with matching wines. We had a very more-ish and deceptively simple duck liver pate, beetroot cured trout and olive oil shortbread. I will be trying all of them at home. Keep an eye out for it when the Good Food Show comes to your city.

Despite ambiguous instructions from my husband (ok, they weren’t that ambiguous- he had said “don’t come home with any more cookbooks”) a cookbook followed me home. Spanish Food. I had good reason for the (deliberate) misunderstanding- I don’t own a full on Spanish cookbook. So, I shrugged and bought it anyway.

And, seeing as how Miguel signed the book (with an amazing flourish) I can’t even give it away or sell it on ebay. Drats. Now I get to learn how to cook Spanish food. Hubbie didn’t seem that concerned either.

love really is the best ingredient in life- cheesey but true…


2 comments on “playing catch up…”
  1. Debbish says:

    WoW! Sounds like a fab time and I love the photo of you… (and the others). And the autograph as well!

  2. jo says:

    It’s funny- I am so not the autograph type, and would never do the lining up thing for someone to sign…but I tell you I am looking forward to trying some of these recipes!

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