Today is seriously so blah that curled up in trackies, ugg boots in front of a fire with a warm drink and a good movie is the only really appropriate way to spend the day. I think it’s the Scots, or perhaps the Irish, who have more words than any other language to describe the weather. Today with the rain coming down incessantly, the only right word is “manky”.

But no, in the vein of just flipping do it, harden up princess and how bad can it be (?) I fronted up to the gym. That is the door in the photo. It would have been a better photo- closer maybe and perhaps with a little more focus- except Miss 14 (who was training with me) was too embarrassed.

Anyway Day 2 of Week 3 C25k was done. I also backed it up with another 30 minutes of 60second intervals (1 minute running, 2 minutes walking). Now I’m knackered, but I feel great- possibly because I can’t yet feel my legs. No doubt the pain will come and it will be exquisite.