Actually the full title of this post should be “the best part of the weekend”, but that is a mouthful…and my best bit is about a mouthful- or rather a number of mouthfuls.

Here in Sydney we are enjoying a rainy Sunday in the middle of the Queens Birthday long weekend- so the weekend isn’t officially over yet. I have another day to get the washing done, another day to get the ironing up to date and another day to do weekend things.

I’m about to slice what looks like a million onions for a real french onion soup, complete with croutons and beery stock- but somehow I don’t expect that will make it into the “best” category. No matter which way you look at it, slicing onions is not fun.

So, for #photoadayjune, the best part of my weekend (so far) was yum cha with my family at the Marigold Restaurant in Sydney’s Chinatown. The usual steamed favourites were procured, and a few new things tried (hubby being Scottish doesn’t have the squeamishness that I do when confronted with parts of animals that I don’t believe should be on a plate). I have, over the years, tried those bits at various time & generally it is the texture that is a major turn off for me. The tripe he ordered today was no exception- but given that I got my favourite- steamed scollop and ginger dumplings- was happy to leave him to it.