Is there any better reason to get up early on a Saturday morning than a Farmers Market? Todays #photoadayjune “view” is from this mornings market. Part of the fun in going to these in winter is rugging up, wrapping up, feeling the cold on your cheeks and seeing the fog your breath makes, before wrapping hands around a hot coffee.

Hawkesbury Harvest has markets at various times during the month (check the website for dates and venues). Kicking off at 8am, it mobbed by 8.01. The egg man sells out early, the queue for bacon and egg rolls is generally 20 mins long by 8.15 and this morning the duck lady had sold out of fillets by 8.30. I scored the last bunch of cavalo nero at 8.20. The message? Get there early!

What I bought:

First stop is always Willowbrae for goats cheese and goats milk yoghurt. They make some tasty curds and a variety of goats cheeses- the feta is incredible in salads. I use the yoghurt in my porridge with just a touch of manuka honey.

Next up is Darling Mills Farm for salad leaves that taste so good they must have been flown in overnight by fairy couriers. A bag of mesclun leaves, some micro herbs and the afore mentioned last bunch of cavalo nero found their way into my bag.

Real jersey milk and yoghurt from Over the Moon, a bag of mixed mushrooms from the mushroom man, and some bits from pigs for el pooch follow.

At Shepherds Bakery we buy a loaf of wholemeal spelt sourdough and a ciabatta to accompany the beer and onion soup I have planned for tomorrow nights supper. I’ve been trying to remove wheat from my diet (a possibly misguided experiment) so figured I’d try spelt from an artisan rather than supermarket bakery.

At Pepes Ducks we get a whole duck- so fresh that it had been doing ducky, quacky things only yesterday. Yasmin’s do a Rendang paste and a Sambal that take us straight to South East Asia. Given that my passport has been relegated to the top drawer until a fresh cash injection comes through, this is a good thing.