6 o’clock

The Pet Shop Boys released a new album in February- Format- it’s a compilation of B sides and some great re-mastered tracks. But I didn’t know about that until yesterday.

Coming from someone who is convinced that there is a PSB song or title for most life occasions, (in fact, many of my Astro posts on the Jo Tracey Astrology site have PSB titles- it’s a long story and involves a bet) this was a pretty mega miss.

Why did I miss it? A friend posted on Facebook that her theory is because I did FebFast- that month where the blurb says you send the booze on a holiday. My trainer very unkindly commented that FebFast is for those who would do Dry July but can’t hold out the 31 days. That is so not the case. I did it to win a bet.

Anyways, it turned February (which always drags on so much longer than its 28 days would indicate) into the longest 29 days (yep, I chose to do FebFast on a leap year).

It taught me some things:

  • that I wasn’t drinking enough for my nightly vino to be (wholly) responsible for the weight I need to lose
  • that it really didn’t worry me not drinking socially
  • that I could do it
  • that I really loved the glass each night that I had while hubby & I were preparing dinner

Needless to say, I’m not signing up for Dry July- goodness knows what else I’d miss!



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