Yesterdays topic for #photoaday was hats. I don’t do hats. I have way too much hair. So much hair that it can push the hat off.

It never used to be that way- I really only discovered that I had a lot of hair at the time that I grew it for the first time, which also coincided with an awkward mid life crisis and some ink- a koru…on my hip.

When I didn’t have the hair thing happening I still didn’t do hats- helmet head.

Anyways, now I have no choice- to do hats, that is.

At a certain age in a woman’s life one must take a little more care with ones skin. I’ve always worn sunscreen daily, and take care to avoid it as far as possible, but these days even sleep marks don’t spring back as quickly- you know the crease in your forehead from how you slept.

So, now that I am “running” again, I am wearing a cap and these special wrap around sunglasses that I can’t really see out of properly.

I keep it in the car so I have no excuse, and keep it on my head by way of pushing my ponytail through the back.

Todays topic is “drink”.

Most people who know me would expect to see a bottle or an empty glass of something alcoholic in the photo. But no, not today- there is more to my liquid consumption that that.

That’s not to say that there aren’t times when, in the immortal words of Patsy, I feel like the next mosquito biting me will need to check in to detox!

This Wind in the Willows teacup is my favourite- tea tastes better in it. Like whisky tastes better in the Waterford tumbler my hubby bought me especially for whisky.

I drink a lot of tea- more tea than whisky…as it should be.  Herbal tea, infusions and my favourite of the minute- Melbourne breakfast (with just the teeniest hint of vanilla).

Tomorrows phrase is “6’o clock”. Expect to see wine.

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