My daughter (TTM- Taller Than me) and I play this game on long car trips. It’s one of the more ridiculous things that we do and is designed unapologetically to annoy my husband.

It goes something like:

TTM: Hey Mum, what’s your favourite road sign?

Me: Ummm I like “wrong way go back”. What’s yours?

TTM: I like “speed bump”.

Me: Why?

TTM: Because I think how funny it would be for a really little car- like a beetle- to get lost behind a really big one.

Then there will be a little pause before:

TTM: Hey Dad, what’s your favourite road sign?

Him: What?

TTM: What’s your favourite road sign?

Him: Oh, I don’t know…

TTM: You have to pick one.

Him: Ummm- that one then- the one that says Brisbane 800kms. I reckon we can drive straight through.

As an astrologer, my business is signs- Zodiac signs.

Other signs are everywhere- physical and metaphorical- the whole “OMG it like, must be some sort of, you know, cosmic sign…” thing.

There are signs that your 14 year old may not be paying the attention in art history that she possibly should be: “so, like Michelangelo is that dude that plays football for the Roosters right?”

Then there are the signs sent to test our courage- like the rejection slip I received yesterday from the sole agent I queried which, yes, I admit it, sent me straight back to the fridge.

The signs I see most each day are 2 on the door of my fridge (and yes, I know what that says about my fridge habits- I spoke yesterday about my procrastineating problem).

There is also a picture of a French lady with champagne goblets over her breasts, but there is no cosmic meaning to this- it was a birthday card from a friend. Ignore that. The two signs that I’m interested in here contradict each other.

One is a Pisces fridge magnet that a girlfriend bought me which warns of the risks of letting your heart get in the way of your head- sage advice indeed for a Pisces. The other is one given to me by my BMF that he says I am to look at whenever I get scared.

Something tells me that I’m not supposed to be looking at it as often as I currently am…