cauliflower rice

I came back from Bali fatter than I’ve ever been…and perilously close to seeing a number on the scales that I vowed never to see.

Whilst most of our meals are wholefoods, prepared from scratch, with very little in the way of added sugars or preservatives etc etc etc, the fact of the matter some very bad habits have crept into my days. We as a family eat well, I, on the other hand, eat well when and what I feel like during the day…procrastineating I call it.

I have a target of running the Sydney Bridge Run (9.something kms) in September, and certainly can’t do it at this weight- my knees won’t allow it.  Also, given that I am writing a book about weight loss and stars and running 10kms, I sort of have to practice what I preach. Whilst I train 5 days a week (ok, I didn’t train when I was in Bali…) training is really only about 25% of the solution- nutrition is the rest…and my nutrition is definitely not as clean as it could be. And  until the nutrition is cleaner and the weight begins to drop, the training will remain inefficient and the knees sore.

Desperate times call for desperate measures- which is a problem when you love food as much as I do.

So, the challenge- to reduce the boombah without sacrificing taste. Given that I also have insulin resistance issues, this means concentrating on a low GI and a relatively low carbohydrate solution. And when I say relatively low, I’m not talking about banning the carb, I’m talking about being wiser when it comes to carb choice ie fewer and smarter grains such as traditional oats, barley and quinoa. As a personal experiment to be kinder to my tummy, I am removing wheat from my diet and limiting grains as far as possible to first half of the day.

One of the biggest challenges on reduced carb plans is just what to have with stir fries, curries and tagines. This cauliflower rice is the solution. Low calorie, low fat, the same consistency as rice, it will soak up all of those wonderfully yummy juices…and is dead easy. It comes from many sources, but a printed version is in Jane Kennedy’s wondrous Fabulous Food Without the Boombah.

Just take 1/2 cauliflower, pull it apart into little florets and place it in a microwave save container with a lid. Do not add water. Microwave for 5 minutes on high.

Now, using one of those hand held shoosher blender things, whiz it until it looks like rice. Trust me, it works. I had it last night with the chicken tagine and it went down a treat…my family had real rice…



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  1. Zohra says:

    Jo, Thanks for the reminder for this clever recipe. I have read this somewhere before, i should try it! Hope you are otherwise well.

    1. jo says:

      I read it originally in the Jane Kennedy book, but since then have seen it in lots of different places on the web. Very clever.

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