pura tirtha empul

Just a short drive north (the signs are clear and most drivers will know) of Ubud is Pura Tirtha Empul- a place of holy springs with supposed magical healing powers.

Water from the springs gushes out of these spout things into a central bathing pool. The deal is you then bathe in the pools.  Our driver said that it helps with nightmares and bad feelings as well as disease and disability.

Personally? I don’t care how many bad dreams the water can apparently get rid of, after hearing people hoiking mucus (I know, too much information) in the pools, there is nothing that would tempt me into those waters. Having said that, I love the devotion and offering that is on display at these temples- I find it both humbling and beautiful.

table of offerings

Just like an amusement park, on leaving the temple you need to run the gauntlet of the gift shop to reach the exit. In Balinese terms this means rows and rows of shop-fronts and stalls selling the usual sarongs etc. Once in the carpark there are even more sellers- this time with bananas.

A word of warning, the toilets cost 2000RPI, you’ll need your own loo paper and thighs of steel for the squat. Too much information again?

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