Week 2- Couch to 5kms

This isn’t getting any easier. I’m trying to run more outside, and have had to drop the pace that I usually do on the treadmill and move back to re-do this week.

As for the shin splints…

I’ve had hardly any problems since, well, since I stopped running last September…sorry, “running”. This time around, it wasn’t the road that brought them back, but rather an old fashioned jumping, clapping, scissoring and running sideways aerobic class the other week. I feel like I am back to square one, but can’t afford to take that attitude.

Anyways, after timing the 5.5km track at a walking pace 2 weeks ago, I am now doing it 7 minutes faster, so something must be working.

I remember last time (ie this time last year…long story) when I started this program for the very first time (again, long story), I was in so much pain that my chiropractor was rubbing his hands together with glee. Every week I would be back so that he could get the hip and knee back in alignment so that I could bounce it out again the following week. That hasn’t been the case this time round, so that has to be good right?

So, it’s just the shin splints, and I figure as the weight drops off me (like the optimism?) the pain will lessen. Right? In any case, I will still limit my outdoor runs to twice a week, and do the other sessions on the trusty tready at the gym.

Anyways, today’s word is “grass”, so I stopped this morning and took a photo of some. At this time of the morning, this stretch of what I lovingly christened the first stage of the knackery track, usually has a heap of grass parrots flitting in and out of the clover.

You don’t get that in the gym.

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