beyond bali

There are two types of people in the world:
·      Those who can wrap things with cling film and
·      Those who wrap themselves in the attempt.
I fall into the second camp and no amount of expensive advertising can convince me that it can ever be otherwise.

There are another two groups of people:

·      Those who plan and those who don’t
I suspect the two groups overlap in some way.
Oh, I fall into the second of these two groups as well…
The other night on Packed to the Rafters, the subject of 5 year plans came up. By now you have probably guessed that not only do I not have one, I have never had one.
My daughter kindly pointed that fact out when she commented that I had no plan past Bali next week. Ouch.
But she is right.
I’ve been able to avoid it up to now, the planning thing, that is.
Somehow I haven’t needed to, things have just happened…and part of me just assumes that will continue to occur.
Yet, things were different then. I wasn’t relying on myself and my virtual pen for money. So, before I faff away another 4 months, maybe I need a plan, possibly even a 5 year one. In fact, let’s push the boat out and do a budget as well…
But not until after Bali…
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