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So I have been in deadline disaster for the last couple of days- sort of a combination of too many things coming home to roost at the same time, a little (ok a lot of) procrastination, a teeny little hangover (in fact it was more like jet lag, but without the duty free) and just plain starting too late.
Anyways, all done.
Today’s photoaday prompter is something you do every day.
I shake fortune sticks. It’s sort of the same as pulling a tarot card a day or reading your horoscope in the morning- and probably makes about as much sense, but I love shaking these things out and then reading the little message.
The real name for the shaky sticks is chien tung or chim sticks or kau chim or other names that need me to put a little thingie over some of the letters.
You’re supposed to do this in a Taoist or Buddhist temple in front of an altar. I have done that (in Hong Kong), but these days I generally push the laptop aside & do the shaking thing while I’m deciding just what needs to be tackled for the day.
My chim for today was 31. What does this mean?
Your luck for today:
No better number under the sun
Thank yours today, a thirty one.
Your Fortune:
No matter what your business be
Inherent in you lies
The power to please historically,
To fame and power rise.
You will soon receive important news that will change your residence
You will get your wish
So, what did I wish for? That would be telling.

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