chocolate & sour cherry biscuits

This is a seriously, sinfully, chocolatey, fudgey biscuit that answers every possible urge you may have around indulgences- making it the perfect recipe to post at this Scorpio Full Moon.
What you need:
v235g dark chocolate (at least 55% cocoa solids), chopped roughly
v150g plain flour
v40g unsweetened cocoa powder
v1 ½ teaspoons bicarb (baking) soda
v½ teaspoon salt
v100g unsalted butter
v240g soft brown sugar
v2 eggs
v85g dried sour cherries (if you can’t get cherries, I have also used unsweetened cranberries)
What you do with it:
vPreheat the oven to 165C, and line some oven trays with baking paper
vMelt the chocolate in the usual way (I do it in a stainless steel bowl over, but not touching, simmering water)
vSift flour, cocoa, bicarb & salt into a bowl
vCream eggs & sugar in your mixer
vAdd eggs, one at a time, beating each in well
vAdd dry ingredients in 3 batches, beating well after each
vMix in the melted chocolate
vFold through the cherries
vPop the bowl in the fridge for 15 minutes or until it is firm enough to work with
vTake large teaspoonfuls of the mix and roll into balls. Place on the tray, allowing room to spread & pop the trays into the fridge for 30 mins, or until firm.
vBake for 15-20 mins, or until risen & cracked on top. You’ll know they are done by the rich chocolately smell.
vCool on the trays. They should be quite fudgey in the centre, and are best eaten within a few days.

Recipe is from Bourke Street Bakery- naturally all rights remain with the authors…