commitment issues

Some of the reds I could possibly choose…
I’m having commitment issues.
Not for the obvious reasons ie relationship, job, blah, blah, but over shellac. Yep that hard stuff that goes on your nails instead of nail polish.
Sure it’s practical- it doesn’t chip, it doesn’t get stuck in knots in my hair & rip off, it looks as shiny and new after 2 weeks as it does after 2 hours…and therein lies the problem.
I’m bored. It’s too perfect. Sure I was in a shiny black polish mood when I had it applied 2 weeks ago, but now I’m feeling a little more rouge noir- if you know what I mean.
But you can’t just take this stuff off when you feel like it- you either go to the beautician or do this whole palaver involving acetone, wraps and orange sticks…only to probably replace it with a different shade of black.
So, it’s good for my beauticians cashflow, it helps my nails grow because they are less likely to chip when the polish does, or less likely to have the top layer peel off when I peel the polish layers off (did that come out loud?).
It’s a bit much to have to predict what nail colour mood you might be in 2 weeks down the track. Just saying.