the clapping…please make it stop…

So, I’ve started back at aerobics classes.
Now, 12 years later and10 kilos heavier…ok, make that 15 kilos heavier…I am now introducing my 14 year old daughter to the wondrous world of Les Mills.
I don’t know why I expected things to change while I was away.
The good news is that some things haven’t. Both Body Step and Body Combat still have the same basic moves and the same track order as they previously did. This is a good thing. My daughter thinks I am really good at it. She doesn’t need to know that I was doing Step and Combat classes almost right from the time they were introduced to Oz. She can just be impressed at my incredible coordination… and poor knees.
There are even some of the same women going on Saturdays as went all those years ago. I guess that’s why they look the way they do, and I look the way I do. And maybe why their knees are good.
Another thing that hasn’t changed is the clapping. Unfortunately.


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  1. Deb says:

    What freaks me out is still that GRAPEVINES exist!

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