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I talk a lot about perfection and the perception of “good enough” or imperfection on the Astro blog- usually whenever there is something happening in the sign of Virgo.

Perfection and the perception of “good enough” or imperfection is something I struggle constantly with.

I’m trying to be kinder to myself, give myself a break, lead into my all or nothings from the side rather than head on.

I announced on Sunday night that this week I would eliminate wheat (I’ve said the same every week for the last few weeks), eliminate alcohol (whatever), and continue sugar free (same same). I also vowed to drink more water. It’s all me trying to use food to deal with a dodgy tummy.

So far I’m doing well on everything other than the no alcohol thing- which, to be honest, was a pretty big ask on top of the no bread. I’m even doing well on the water. And I’m feeling good.

Not perfect, but that’s ok.

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I'm a 30 something, marathon running, perky ponytailed yummy mummy. Actually, none of that is true. I write words, I take photos, I look at stars.

4 thoughts on “imperfect”

  1. Have to admit I fail on the no alcohol front as well… god if I’m not eating junk food I need some vice!!!

  2. Hey – we can’t be perfect all the time. Just aim for some of the time …. or nearly perfect all of the time :-)

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